Modern technologies at Minh Khai Dental Clinic

Minh Khai Dental Clinic is proud of being leading, high prestige in Vietnam with professional team, Europe standard infection control and  modern technologies..., help dentists to work faster and more effective.
In-mouth camera

The in-mouth camera will help patients to understand better their dental condition.

3D Dental CT scan

X-ray digital machine for profile, panorex and 3D dental CT scan, protective suit for customers. Our new 3D Dental CT Scan (Cone Beam Technology) goes beyond traditional diagnostics and treatment capabilities by calculating a large volume 3D image set, more than 200 exposures, in a single low-dose 3D scan of 15 seconds or less. 

3 D scanner and software for denal practices and labs

Digital impressions give more accurate work, restorations created from the digital process are delivered faster with a more precise fit and fewer adjustments. There is clearly a time savings for doctors and patients.                         

Inner-occlusion mirror

Especially used for serious cases of root canal treatment

Halogen light-cure

For fillings and cosmetic dentistry   

S2 machine – Air flow technology from EMS switzerland

We are using the latest Air Flow devise of EMS that allow to use different size of powder for more comfortable experience and better polishing of your teeth.The Original AIR-FLOW® Method developed by EMS switzerland, utilizes an air-powder mixture and water for a variety of preventive and restorative dental treatments. It delivers patient comfort since it utilizes no curettes and makes no noise.


Easier to understand dentist's consultation

In office Teeth whitening machine

Within an hour you'll walk out of our clinic with a whitening, gorgeous smile!

Endo machine

For quick root canal treatment, best result and no pain

CD dental machine – Headphone

For customers' feeling of comfort and relaxation during treatment


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